28 Lessons in Self Mastery

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28 Lessons in Self Mastery

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Are you ready to change your life?


Are you struggling to let go of past traumas and master your life?

Do you want to deepen your understand of self?

Do you want to overcome those feelings of anxiousness and lack of fulfilment?

Are you ready to THRIVE?


28 Lessons in Self Mastery is a personal development course for those who have struggled to overcome their past and to move from Survive to Thrive.

Based on Sharon’s book and written by her, the course takes you on a journey of discovery, clearing old habits and removing programs that sabotage or inhibit your ability to grow. By the end of the course you will have gained clarity on your life purpose, you will understand your patterns and you will learn to love yourself – allowing yourself to move from merely surviving to thriving.

If you feel that there is something stopping you from achieving all you wish to achieve, from being confident and clear in your goals, and from fulfilling your dreams, then 28 Lessons in Self Mastery is for you.


Self Mastery requires you to have a vision for your future self, and the tools to harness that vision, turning it into a reality. Self Mastery is about overcoming your own obstacles and “getting out of your own way”. It’s also about self-control – overcoming your natural impulses and steering your future towards the one you really want.

What does Sharon say?

“Seeing my clients so frustrated led me to write my book, 28 Lessons in Self Mastery, and from there, I have developed the concepts into the book into a comprehensive in-person, personal development course to make sure you can get the most of these lessons and master your life. I have seen my students transforming before my very eyes. The amount of the “AHA” moments and the realisation, is simply beyond. It’s like they are blooming and ready to take on life.”

No fluff – proven, actionable results.

This NO FLUFF online course will help you to master your life and provide you with the tools to empower yourself.

You won’t get any flowery quotes or photos of sunsets, but you will get proven, actionable lessons that will allow you to walk away feeling empowered and ready to master your life


By the end of the course you will:

Connect to your true essence
Clear old programs and sabotages that no longer serve you
Gain clarity on your life purpose
Understand your patterns
Learn to love yourself and so much more.


A person who wants to achieve their dreams and goals, but isn’t sure how to move the obstacles out of the way.
A person who wants to move past previous trauma or setbacks and release themselves from a negative mindset.
A person who wants to better understand why they are the way they are, and how they can harness their own thoughts for personal growth.
A person who wants to stop the negative self-talk and learn to love themselves again.
A person who wants to be the best version of themselves; thrive and live a life they love!


Online access to all course materials – Listen, watch and learn as Sharon Tal teaches you to overcome the blocks that are holding you back from living a life you love – at your own pace, in your own place.

Easy to follow videos, downloadable notes and worksheets – Videos for each unit, notes to download and keep, and specially designed worksheets to reinforce your learnings and provide you with a written record of your experiences throughout the training.

Key outcomes for each unit – A list of key outcomes for each unit to help you track your progress.


We cover 28 lessons in the course. Here is just a taste of what you will learn:

Lesson 1: Addictions- In this lesson, we will cover the concept and realities of addictions and addictive behaviours, and how these manifest in our lives. We will explore how to successfully challenge these behavioural patterns and free ourselves from this kind of limiting behaviour.

Lesson 2: Adrenal Story – In this lesson, we will discover the biological and emotional elements of fear, anxiety and stress reactions. We will explore our own response and ability to change the story and ultimately the outcomes of previously stressful situations.

Lesson 4: Boundaries – In this lesson, we will develop our knowledge and perception in relation to our own boundaries and those of others. We will explore the perception of what is “right” and “wrong” and discuss ground rules for our lives.

Lesson 5: Control – In this lesson, we will consider the nature of control in both positive and negative settings. We will review how this affects our adrenal story and how that then affects our wellbeing and balance. In the negative context, we will consider the need for certain levels of control to ensure a level of security and calm.

Lesson 6: Reconnecting with Love – In this lesson, we will discuss attachments and whether or not our attachments serve us well, or are no longer of service to us. We will consider whether we need to completely detach from some people, experiences or memories in order to fully reach our potential.

Lesson 7: Desire vs Rejection – Desiring another person causes us to latch on to their energy and creates “energetic havoc” to attract their attention. By longing for another’s love or approval, we may actually be preventing ourselves from cultivating our own energy.

Lesson 9: Head vs Heart – In this lesson, we will look at the nature of the head and the heart. We will learn about the triple warmer in Chinese traditional medicine and connections to our adrenal and thyroid function. We will examine the perceived conflict between the head and the heart and how to find a balance between the two.

Lesson 11: Identity – In this lesson, we will look at the essential YOU. We will peel away the externals of your life and discover your true identity. Having discovered the essential you, we will look at what is not YOU in order to fully realise self-love and self-compassion. Finally, we will explore the true nature of love, divinity and your true identity.

Lesson 17: Self-Acceptance – When we truly accept ourselves, accepting others becomes easy. We can find it difficult to resonate with other people due to certain qualities and behaviours they demonstrate. In this lesson, we will challenge ourselves to love ourselves from within. We rebalance ourselves through love of self in honesty and integrity.

Lesson 24: Trust vs Betrayal – Trust is established at an early age. In this lesson, we will look at the nature of trust and mistrust and its relationship to betrayal. Where trust and distrust originate. We will activate self-trust and self-love to overcome situations of genuine betrayal by another.

Lesson 26: Weight Management – When dealing with weight management, it is more useful to say you are “shedding” rather than “losing” something. When you “lose” something you generally aim to find it again. However, when something is “shed” it is like a serpent’s skin and becomes forever left behind.

Lesson 28: Your Essence is Gold – In this final lesson, we will concentrate on connecting with our core essence. We will look at how we can nurture our essential selves through embracing our magnificence, embracing silence and stillness and letting go of all that no longer serves us.

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