My Journey : “The War is Over” – From Survive to Thrive

When people first meet me and I tell them I’m a soul healer, I get a diverse range of reactions….

Occasionally, it seems to be a reaction of fear with comments such as: “are you analysing me now? Can you read my mind now?” Some people appear uncomfortable, as if their weakness might be obvious to me and they won’t be able to disguise who they really are.

Of course, many others are curious / searching and want to know more. They realise that my gift can empower them and take them to the next stage of their lives, as they have had enough of being stuck and unsure.

I sincerely want people to understand that Soul Healers like me are everyday people just like you, who live in the real world with families and challenges to face.

The next most common question I get asked is why and how did I become a Soul Healer.
I guess that’s my personal story, my journey….

Around the age of 4, I was intensely physically abused for 10 years. Every level of being and psyche was impacted.  I knew as an adult that in order to overcome this abuse and to be able to embrace my life with a ‘glass half full’ attitude I needed to heal my deep wounds.

There were times in my childhood, I felt depressed about my life, increasingly anxious about the uncertainty of my future and seriously contemplated ending my life. I felt hopeless and thought that no one could ever love me or help me. This belief was reiterated by the only reality I knew.— I was told to keep quiet and my life was threatened by a family employee, whom visited our family home regularly. I couldn’t even tell my Mum and Dad, for the fear of my safety. I needed help releasing my own negative judgments and blame toward myself.

Although surrounded by friends (and very social by nature), I never really felt close to anyone, because of the instilled fear for my safety. The few that I did share my burden with disappeared from my life as they could not handle the weight of my issue. So, I kept “running away” and became a sport champion in high school (I tried most sports including long distance running, Basketball, Volleyball, Shot put and many more). I thought I could hide in physical activity.

In the army (2 years compulsory service) at the ages of 18 to 20, I became a Commander and was a leader for youth groups. Being a sergeant required a lot of responsibility and was a high “running” (adrenal) occupation. Then married at 22, divorced at 25.

At 23 I found the entry point of my healing journey through meditation. It was the first piece of my soul healing puzzle, a way to see within and find some inner peace.

Making the shift toward self-love was a long and winding road, on which I didn’t always want to travel. All I craved was a world of kindness, integrity and truth. With incredible determination I achieved this world and the greatest gift of all – loving myself.

You may be wondering, “How did I learn to love myself?” Well, with tenacity and passion; I have learned how to distinctly see pathways, to clear internal battles (past and current) and to get to the core of each difficulty (sometimes going through many layers). Once the core issues clarified, I was then able to clear them, and open up a beautiful new future for myself. I soon recognised my experience and knowledge could help guide and empower others.

I am open-minded and truly value people for who they really are. When I see a person with challenges and difficulties, I do not judge. Rather, I see a person with the potential to be cleared and healed.

To provide you with the opportunity to overcome struggles is humbling and rewarding. People have said, “You actually get me, and understand my issue – wow, to have it (the long standing trauma) cleared is truly remarkable”.

The war is truly over for me.

I actually released myself from a personal hell – from10 years of madness.

SURVIVEthe trauma REVIVEProcessing the trauma and healing every level of life THRIVEExperience self-love

I learnt how to achieve this via trial and error, many teachers, masters, guides, pathways, mistakes, illusions, wasted time and false promises.

It all came down to one basic solution – I learnt how to access my ‘Self Love’.

Through my work as a successful Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Reiki Master and teacher (since the year 2000) I realised that my passion is to guide and empower people to thrive and achieve their full soul potential whether they are in survive, revive or thrive stage.

The pathway is Self-Love. Through the three stages (survive, revive and thrive), YOUR War can truly be over too.

You too can be someone to stand up and say it’s great to be you; and open your heart and mind to live your life, feel empowered again and Thrive !!!

Are you ready? I am, whenever you are.

Sharon holds a diploma in Kinesiology & Counselling  and is the Director & Founder of Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre.      

         She is a member of AKA, KNA, ARC and ACA.

She is passionate about empowering people to change their lives and overcome difficulties that otherwise hold them back, using evidence based assessments and therapy.



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