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    How can Sharon Tal help you ?

    My Journey

    Sharon Tal has helped many families and people just like you to change and transform their lives! By using evidence based assessments and therapy, to help people experiencing a wide range of difficulties.
    Your initial consultation with the director Sharon Tal, will answer your questions and will develop a plan with you, to address your concerns and take you to the next level of greater physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing.
    Sharon's aim is to empower you and assist you to reach your full potential!


    “March Good News”

    march newsletter

    Welcome to our March Edition!

    How have you been? Are you taking care of yourself?
    We are amidst enormous energy shifts. Have you been feeling as if you’re in a huge Luna Park, on a wild ride? Trying to catch your breath?

    Well, perhaps that might be because you are moving along and sorting through all the clutter in your life. Is it time to release things that aren’t necessary? Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental things, home and office, excess clothes, shoes (There are never too many shoes…), checking which relationships work for you and which don’t?

    A Time of Harvest

    This is autumn time, which is late summer and in Chinese medicine and kinesiology it is represented by the earth element. It is the time of ripening and maturing of the crops and of the early harvest. Is it time for you to begin to reap the benefits of the harvest you have worked well with and sown? Or do you need to let things develop a little longer? What in your life needs harvesting? And what needs to be allowed a little more time to mature to its full benefit?

    On the 5th March 2015 we are heading to the Jewish holiday of Purim. On this full moon, we will be able to turn around any negatives into positives and keep the faith going. Tune in to my last radio show I spoke all about it. Click here

    On 19th March 2015 I’ll be going away to visit my Parents and family overseas. I’ll be back at work on the 13th April 2015.                                          So, if you wish to make a booking with me before or after, please call or e-mail me.

    This week one of my client’s summed up my work in one breath, by saying, “In 30 minutes, you have just done more than 30 hours of previous counselling!”. Yes, he has already had a second appointment with just as much success.

    All detox appointments and packages will still be handled by the lovely Anji, who manages the detox centre with great care and professionalism, for you. Feel free to call, text (on 0414 983 380) or e-mail Anji, on info@mkndc.com.au

    Anji joined us at the beginning of 2015, and her passion is to see people grow to their true potential and professionally assist me in helping this happen for you. Over these first months, Anji has embraced her role here well and I wanted to acknowledge this in writing – thank you Anji for choosing to work here, and being a great team player.

    Detox Meditation

    I have completed the wonderful Detox Meditation and have already had excellent feedback from my clients, which are telling me, “We love it” and “I found by incorporating both the Foot Spa Session with the Detox Meditation (MP3) I had a greater shift”, “I felt lighter”, “It was even more relaxing and productive – look at all the stuff I released (pointing to the foot spa)”, “Wow, that feels even more effective”.

    The Detox meditation which is now coupled with the Detox Footspa and the Vibro plate machine is a fantastic tool that guides and supports your focus, giving you greater opportunity to release more toxins from your body in our multi sensation detox session.

    We have re launched our new App. Please Download it and find out what’s new at Melbourne Kinesiology and Detox Centre
    iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/melbourne-kinesiology-detox/id681283384?mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_mkd.layout

    My new book is out!!

    Life Skills Series, Volume 1, is on iTunes. We are waiting for the kindle version to be approved. You can buy these individually (1 to 28) or purchase the entire book in an electronic version. Want a hard copy? These are available from our store click here , quite a few people are already enjoying it and I can confidently say that the feedback is great!!

    Don’t feel like reading, but still want all of this empowering information – All good…. I’m in the process of making this an audio book for you!! Stay tuned and I will let you know as soon as it’s available x

    Product of the Month – Sacred Geometry Pendants 

    Sacred Geometry Pendants are handmade in India. With an amazing effect overall…they come in five amazing stones: Black Tourmaline, Blue Lapis-Lazuli, Light Blue-Aquamarine, Green Malachite and Orange Coral. They come in three different styles: The Flower of Life, The Lotus and Sri Yantra (The Merkabah).  Check our pendants



    Please have a look at our course listings, they have been up-dated and send me any of your interests and/or questions for 2015.

    RESET Workshop

    safe_tmj image

    Do you suffer from: Headaches? Migraines? Stress? Back aches? Neck problems? Hormonal imbalances? Sinus problems? Teeth clenching and grinding? Bed wetting? Post-dental work trauma? Digestive problems? Sleeping disorders?

    RESET is a safe and non-invasive method. A tremendous amount of tension is often held in the jaw. Releasing this tension has many benefits as the nerves and muscles of this area impact widely upon the body’s well being. Click here

    Date: March 15th Sunday
    Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
    Cost: $100 ($20 for repeating students)

    ‘Circle of Life’ Meditation Group 

    Bookings are essential so please text, call, email or Facebook.

    Meditation classes have been a great success and I am so pleased from the energy transformation. The participants are reporting great changes and spiritual growth by the week. Please feel free to join (bookings essential). Meditation is on during school terms. In a group session you will connect your awareness to your true sense of self. The session allows you to receive some practical tools to help you approach life with a positive energy and an expanded understanding of yourself and others.

    Through a gentle, safe, firm and powerful approach, you will learn how to relax and tap into your deep unconscious. You will be assisted in confronting your own inner truth. It isn’t as scary as you may think! By connecting to your own guides you can tap into your potential and overcome fears and traumas. You can fulfil your wishes and expand your horizons!

     Term 1:  March 2, 9 & 16.   Term 2: April 13, 20, 27 & May 4, 11, 18, 25.

    Time:  7:15-8:30 pm

    Cost:   $25 per session
    To learn more about the ‘Circle of Life’ Meditation. Click Here

    To view testimonials click here

    New FREE App for MKNDC

    MKNDC NOW HAS AN APP! Have you downloaded our free and updated app yet?
    Find the link for your respective AppStore/AppMarket at the top of the page. It’s free and its fun!

    ZAZEN WATER: Zazen Water Filter Special

    Because I believe in the benefits of good hydration and great water supply, I choose to sell the Zazen Water Filtration System.
    BUT WAIT! There is more! For those extra dedicated clients whom have decided to purchase one of our detox packages (Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz or Sage) have the opportunity to purchase the complete system for $420 – That’s $75 off the recommended retail price.

    Why We Recommend It? 

    How clean is your water?

    Is it time to change your filters yet? We stock all of them. Change the Multi Stage Filter every 6 months, the Ceramic and Minerals every 12 months. Check now, which one needs to be updated.

    “Come in for a drink on the house @ MKNDC”

    Drinking Zazen water will provide you with alkaline water (8.5PH) reducing fluoride, removing rust, or heavy metals as well as the added minerals and electrolytes (more than sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade). Pauline Roberts PhD BSc. Scientific researcher and Naturopath explains that ‘minerals in drinking water are more easily absorbed than minerals in food. “The Zazen Alkaline Water System will aid in the detoxification of your body.For water to act as a nutrient to your body and increase your well-being, energy & vitality, it must be filtered (cleaned of toxins, bacteria and chemicals), mineral & electrolyte rich, mildly alkaline, naturally energised and have smaller water cluster for cellular hydration. You will find all of this in Zazan Alkaline Water.At MKNDC we choose to sell the water filters at $450 – for existing MKNDC clientsValued at $535 ($495 + Alkaline pack)Or $420 when you purchase one of our detox packages.Come Taste and feel the difference!!!

    Thank you again for being a part of this journey of self love and empowerment. With Love Sharon x

    For more information or to make a booking please call Sharon on 0402 11 77 01 or Click Here to Join our Newsletter Click Here

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