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    How can Sharon Tal help you ?

    My Journey

    Sharon Tal has helped many families and people just like you to change and transform their lives! By using evidence based assessments and therapy, to help people experiencing a wide range of difficulties.
    Your initial consultation with the director Sharon Tal, will answer your questions and will develop a plan with you, to address your concerns and take you to the next level of greater physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing.
    Sharon's aim is to empower you and assist you to reach your full potential!


    ” Fabulous February  Good News”



    Hello 2016- One month is down 11 to go! 


    All are back and it is time to set all intentions for full success.

    How?  Start manifesting what you wish for,and see in your mind’s eyes the complete result!


    YES it is as simple as this!!


    Join the ‘circle of life meditation’ circle and make your dreams come true


    ‘Circle of Life’ Meditation Group

    Meditation classes have been a great success and I am so pleased from the energy transformation.

    The participants are reporting great changes and spiritual growth throughout the week.

    Please feel free to join (bookings essential). Only $30 Investment.


     If you wish to join the class

    Text Me & Book now!

    meditation beach

    What else can you do to raise you awareness?

    So what do you need? I’m here to help, support and empower you to re discover your true power and potential.

    Call me for any questions or to make a booking.



    Tip of the month: The “FebFast”  Challenge

    We are now starting “febfast”

    it is about challenging yourself to overcome an addiction/negative habit that you are aware of.

    Can I challenge you to commit to yourself and totally avoid or limit a consumption/ usage of something

    that you are over doing?

    Alcohol, Smoking, Coffee, Sugar, Fast Food, Electronic Devices.

    How much do you LOVE yourself??? Prove it to YOURSELF 




    Our New Address Is:  


    847-849 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South ( Closer To Hawthorn Road)

    Let me Take you on a Virtual Tour:

    Reception Area:


    Training Room


    Do you need a professional training room to run your next workshop in? ( up to 32 people seated)
    (inc. free white board, mineral water, usage of 7 massage tables)


    With the new Training room I will now be able to teach all my courses :

    To name a few, from Kinergetics to reiki, Meditation to Reset the Jaw

    As well I will now host some exciting extra courses like: Astrology, Yoga, Kabbalah, American Indian ( Drum making, Dream Catcher)


     12512026_10153354264607965_134752821_n                                             12527821_10153354264487965_1617022574_n

    The Detox Room

    is Functioning with The Vibro Plate & The Detox Foot Spa.

    We can now provide Detox For 5 people in one hour.

    So bring a friend..












    My Clinic Room

     Equipped with really good energy and all are reporting great results 



    Practitioner Room

    We are looking for  Practitioners Whom Can  BYO Their Own Clients.

    If you would like to work in a safe energy space,

    on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis

    Call Me 0402 11 77 01


    Sharon-11 Sharon-12








    The Aura Photography Machine is SOOOOOOO Amazing.

    Would you like to KNOW & SEE the color of your life force?

    See for yourself how you Radiate your energy and learn how to Create a better reality for yourself.

    We Had few people enjoying their Aura pics taken!!
    When are you having yours done?



    IMG_2455 IMG_2462




    Valentines Day Special

    Keeping & Sharing The Love! 


    If you or a loved one have a SPECIFIC ISSUE get a session now

    I’m offering you a 30 minutes ‘blitz’ 1 on 1 session for $99

    to get you rolling in the right direction 



     Are you Ready to:

    *Say “Good Bye” to the past and say “Hello” to love?”

     *Clear Debt and Connect to Abundance?”

    *Slim Down for better Health?”

    * Truly smell those roses and Remove your pollen allergy?”

    * Be in the moment and Have Fun?”



    Would you Like Some More Gifts Ideas?

    Kinesiology &Detox Sessions, Water Filters, Crystals, Pendants,

    Candles, Books, Incense and Soaps…And Much More..


    Soul Time with Sharon Tal

    My radio show is going well, and the Podcasts are there for you to enjoy whenever you’re free.

    Listen live every Thursday 1-2 pm  at 87.8FM (caulfield area)  Listen to Soul Time

    Product of The Month- My Book -Life Skills Series -Volume 1 

    volume 1 Front Cover

    A compilation of my “YouTube” Channel. I’ve added lots of extra exercises and insights specially designed for you.

    There are 28 Chapters that will ensure an ongoing growth and support for you. Get your copy today!

    Find it here… Kindle , iTunes, Print HardcopyAudio Book Buy it now!


    Ready for Some more Exciting News?


    We Have “The Life Skills Series” Workshops!

     It will enable you to empower yourself and your loved one.

      7 sessions that will cover the 28 chapters. Stay tuned.


    Future Workshops


    I am planning my teaching times for the year and happy to book courses if there is interest,

    and provided I’ve got the minimum number of people.

    Please let me know. See below for more information.

    ‘Circle of Life’ Meditation Group 

    circle of life med

    Meditation classes have been a great success and I am so pleased from the energy transformation.
    The participants are reporting great changes and spiritual growth throughout the week.
    Please feel free to join (bookings essential). There are still a few spots left. Book now!

    Through a gentle, safe, firm and powerful approach, you will learn how to relax and tap into your deep unconscious. Be comfortable accessing and staying in your personal power. Accepting your:

    •Your Inner Truth
    •Your Support Network

    By connecting to your own guides you can tap into your potential and overcome fears and traumas.
    You can fulfil your wishes and expand your horizons!

     “Hello Sharon, just want to thank you for the circle of life meditation classes I’ve been attending.

    I find myself looking forward to every Monday night…I absolutely love it and can’t wait for next term.

    See you next week..”  Selwyn Becker

    To view more testimonials click here

    Term 1 Dates: February 1,15,22,29

    March 7,17,21

    Time:    7:15-8:30 pm
    Investment:     $30 per session

    to learn more about the ‘Circle of Life’ Meditation. Click Here

    Detox Meditation


    Based on my extensive knowledge, I have completed and recorded the wonderful Detox Meditation.

     I have already had excellent feedback from my clients, which are telling me:

     “We love it” and “I found by incorporating both the Foot Spa Session with the Detox Meditation (MP3) I had a greater shift”, “I felt lighter”, “It was even more relaxing and productive – look at all the stuff I released (pointing to the foot spa)”, “Wow, that feels even more effective”.

    The Detox meditation which is now coupled with the Detox Footspa and the Vibro plate machine,

    is a fantastic tool that guides and supports your focus,

    giving you greater opportunity to release more toxins from your body in our multi sensation detox session.


    Sacred Geometry Pendants 

    Sacred Geometry Pendants are handmade in India. With an amazing effect overall..

    they come in five amazing stones: Black Tourmaline, Blue Lapis-Lazuli, Light Blue-Aquamarine, Green Malachite and Orange Coral.

    They come in three different styles: The Flower of Life, The Lotus and Sri Yantra (The Merkabah).  Check our pendants


    Have you Downloaded the FREE App for MKNDC

    MKNDC NOW HAS AN APP! Have you downloaded our free and updated app yet?
    Find the link for your respective AppStore/AppMarket at the top of the page. It’s free and its fun!

    ZAZEN WATER: Zazen Water Filter Special


    Why We Recommend It? 

    Elya Loves the Water

    Because I believe in the benefits of good hydration and great water supply, I choose to sell the Zazen Water Filtration System.

    BUT WAIT! There is more! For those extra dedicated clients whom have decided to purchase one of our detox packages (Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz or Sage) have the opportunity to purchase the complete system for $420 – That’s $75 off the recommended retail price.

    How clean is your water?

    Drinking Zazen water will provide you with alkaline water (8.5PH) reducing fluoride, removing rust, or heavy metals as well as the added minerals and electrolytes (more than sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade).

    Pauline Roberts PhD BSc. Scientific researcher and Naturopath explains that ‘minerals in drinking water are more easily absorbed than minerals in food. “The Zazen Alkaline Water System will aid in the detoxification of your body.

    For water to act as a nutrient to your body and increase your well-being, energy & vitality, it must be filtered (cleaned of toxins, bacteria and chemicals), mineral & electrolyte rich, mildly alkaline, naturally energised and have smaller water cluster for cellular hydration. You will find all of this in Zazan Alkaline Water

    At MKNDC we choose to sell the water filters at  a lower price .Come Taste and feel the difference!!! “Come in for a drink on the house @ MKNDC”

    Is it time to change your filters yet? We stock all of them. Change the Multi Stage Filter every 6 months, the Ceramic and Minerals every 12 months. Check now, which one needs to be updated.


    Thank you again for being a part of this journey of self love and empowerment. With Love Sharon x

    For more information or to make a booking please call Sharon on 0402 11 77 01 or Click Here to Join our Newsletter Click Here

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